Our heart is to help you connect with friends and family through golf!
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Company Info

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Learn Play Laugh is based on three pillars of great golf.

  • Be a lifetime learner! - LEARN

  • Test your skills often! - PLAY

  • Enjoy the process! -LAUGH

"As a touring professional I am no different than a beginner golfer I still need to Learn, Play & Laugh and that's what is so great about golf. I still believe that I will always continue to refine my skills through learning, I will always grow in character by playing and I will always enjoy my trials and victories because I can remember to laugh." - Craig Hocknull

What do you need?

  • Private Lessons for Adults or Kids
  • Club Fitting and Equipment Needs
  • High Level Junior Coaching
  • Teen Golf Classes
  • Kids Golf Classes
  • Kids Golf League and Tournaments
  • Ladies Golf Classes
  • Beginner Golf Classes
  • Destination Golf Schools
  • Classes for Military, Police, Veterans all service professionals.

Class and Lesson Locations:

  • Crossroads Park - Gilbert,
  • Las Colinas Golf Club. Queen Creek AZ
  • Legacy Golf Resort, Phoenix, AZ

Golf School Locations:

Mesa and Gilbert, AZ

  • Freedom Golf Course - 1415 S. Westwood Mesa, AZ 85210 - 480-969-0377
  • Saber Sports lab - 725 W. Commerce Ave Gilbert, AZ 85233 - 602-561-4653


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Our Programs

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FUNdamentally Great Golf!

FUNdamentals are the foundation!

Learn, Play, Laugh is your ultimate resource for golf coaching, league play and golf entertainment. Our experts in the game of golf have created the best environment for you to succeed and to have fun doing so. By meeting you where you are; at your skill level or in the right group we are creating a win-win atmosphere.

Getting your kids into golf!

How do I get my kids into golf?

The Kids Golf League is the best place for your kids to Learn, Play and Laugh with the game of golf. The Kids Golf League conducts classes, tournaments, team matches and special events that are fantastic for your children. Kids ages 3 - 18 are welcome! Click here for more Kids Golf League Info

Individual Coaching Plan

How do I get better at golf?

Have an expert coach create an Individual Coaching Plan (ICP) that is guaranteed to help you improve! When you and your coach are committed to pursuing a clear plan you have the best chance of improving. We guarantee that we will do everything we can to help you achieve each objective on your ICP. If we fail to do our part we will return all fees associated with unproductive time. ICP's are a contract between you and your coach and require both parties to take responsibility for their roll in the improvement process.. Click here to meet the coaches.

FREE New Golfer Orientation

Email us today to set up a new golfer orientation: info@learnplaylaugh.com