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Craig Hocknull

Craig Hocknull

Craig Hocknull

Director of Instruction

Glenwild Golf & Spa and The Silverleaf Club

"I am passionate about helping you to enjoy your journey in the game of golf and I hope that it brings you some great adventures and wonderful friendships!" - Craig



When I was 7 years old I told my grade 2 teacher that I would buy her a new sports car when I won my first million dollars on tour!

As I moved from Darwin to Adelaide and Prince Alfred College or from Adelaide to the Kooralbyn International School in Queensland I remained focused on playing on the biggest stage in golf.

One way to get there was via a full-ride scholarship to an American college, so off I went to Jackson State University in Mississippi.

Was it focus, determination or dedication?

How about you? Are you persuing excellence in your golf game with the desire to be the best you can be?

As I have persued excellence in my golf game I have also attempted to have a solid life balance. As a husband and father I am committed to helping my family be all that they can be. My desire to be a leader in my home and community has not been without struggles and I am thankful that since the age of 25 I have used the bible as my source for guidance. Jesus is my role model, and I have given up trying to do it on my own!

The game of golf has been a part of my life on almost a daily basis since I was 7 years old. As a gifted athlete in all sports I competed at the state level in track and field and swimming. I also represented my various schools in soccer, Aussie Rules Football, Cricket and even table tennis!

As a student of the game of golf I received some great coaching from top coaches like; Peter Claughton, Ian Triggs, Steve Bann, Ross Herbert, Bill McWilliam, Gary Edwin, Charlie Earp, Randell Vines, Ken Dukes, Norman Von Nida, Bob Vokey, Roger Cleveland, Mac O'Grady, Mike Malaska and many more great players and teachers of the game.

As a player I have faced several set backs due to finances and injury and have taken what life has thrown my way and used it to grow in heart, mind, soul and strength. I will continue to compete at the highest level that I can so that I can continue to refine my skills and learn the secrets to pass along to my students.

  • Craig Hocknull -
  • 2017 PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix Open - TPC Scottsdale
  • 2016 PGA of Canada National Club Professional Champion - Port Royal, Bermuda
  • 2016 Southwest Section PGA Champion - Southern Dunes, AZ
  • 2015 PGA National Award Finalist - Player Development
  • 2014 Teacher of the Year - Southwest Section PGA
  • 2014 Player Development Professional of the Year - Southwest Section PGA
  • 2013 Player of the Year - Southwest Section PGA
  • 2013 Junior Golf Development Professional of the Year - Southwest Section PGA
  • Advanced Certified in Teaching & Coaching
  • Advanced Certified in Player Development


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Craig Hocknull Biography!

Craig Hocknull told his second grade teacher that when he won his first million dollars on the PGA Tour he would buy her a new sports car. As a teenager and college golfer, Craig spent a great deal of time learning, and then passing on, his findings to his fellow team mates. On several occasions, Craig used the sport of golf as the basis for his projects in school. During his pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation from Jackson State University he chose to break down the athletic sequence of the golf swing to satisfy Kinesiology class requirements. It was also during his college career that he caddied for Mac O’Grady in two PGA Tour events which helped to validate and solidify some of his theories on the golf swing.

Craig graduated top of his class and was awarded athletic and academic awards for his outstanding achievements as a student athlete including the Walter Payton award, named after his golf coach’s brother and NFL Hall of Fame running back. Some would say hanging out with Walter Payton during his college career was a pretty cool experience, but Craig will tell you that meeting his beautiful wife Laura tops that by a long shot!

Yuma,  Arizona would become their home and Craig would begin his apprenticeship by passing his PAT at Rio Rico Golf Club in 1998. Craig’s first job in the golf business as a professional was working as an assistant professional for Chuck Dodd at Dove Valley Golf Course in Somerton, AZ. It was during this time Craig realized that punching the cash register for $6.25 an hour was a whole lot of work compared to giving a one hour golf lesson for $30. He will tell you it felt like steeling as he was simply passing on the knowledge that he was so passionate about. Craig’s teaching positions in the Southwest Section included the Yuma Golf and Country Club, The Nike Golf Learning Center at Kokopelli, The Golf Academy of America, Resort Golf Schools at Gold Canyon, Hot Stix Golf, Dobson Ranch, Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, Western Skies Golf Club and Desert Forest Golf Club. Craig also taught at the Club at Black Rock in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho for two summers. Currently Craig is the Director of Instruction for two of DMB's outstanding private clubs; Glenwild Golf Club and Spa in Park City, Utah and The Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale, AZ. If you are not a member of one of these great clubs you can also work with Craig at the beautiful Legacy Golf Resort. Craig is one of two PGA members in the country who are world recognized trick shot professionals and possibly the only professional in the world to achieve PGA memberships in his home country of Australia as well as the PGA Canada and the PGA of America. If you add the fact that he is also advanced certified by the PGA of America in teaching and coaching, as well as player development, then maybe you have one of the most unique resumes around.

Craig has been recognized for his playing accomplishments which include the 2013 Southwest Section PGA player of the year, 2013 Arizona Open champion and Web. com Tour member in 2012 and 2013. Craig was able to achieve membership on the Web. com tour through the PGA Tour qualifying school in 2011, which he lead after the first five holes as he unconsciously rattled off four birdies to start his first of the six round marathon. After breaking the hook of hamate bone of his left hand in June of 2012 Craig was unsure of what the future may hold. So while in a cast he thought to solicit Western Skies Golf Club for a teaching position that would help sustain him while unable to play. 

This opportunity to teach was exactly the life balance that Craig needed to have a great 2013. The knowledge gained from his recent tour experience along with his desire to make a difference in the southeast valley spurred Craig onto creating what would now become a fantastic coaching environment for golfers young and old. The junior development program that Craig built from scratch would soon receive accolades as he was recognized in 2013 as the Southwest Section PGA Junior Leader. Combine that with the other programming that he created and his great year of tournament play Craig and his growing staff were growing the game and developing women golfers and patriots alike. Being honored in 2013 as runner-up in player development Craig was determined to keep trucking and with further injuries and eventual surgery his focus sharpened even more in the teaching and player development arena.

Today, Craig is one of the busiest golf professionals in the Southwest owning and operating a thriving player development business located at several southwest facilities, and is expanding and consulting with those facilites interested in also growing the game. His employees include PGA members, PGA Apprentices, LPGA members, Golf Academy of America professionals and PGM graduates. Craig’s list of programs include; the Tiny Golfer Program, the Kids Golf League, the Outback Junior Academy, the Outback Golf University, Ladies Only Get Golf Ready, Ladies Golf Night and the Patriot Golf Academy. All of Craig’s classes can be found on the Active online registration system and his fantastic user friendly website Learn Play Laugh .com.

Craig is most proud of the relationships that he has made through the great game of golf and his commitment and enthusiasm for growing the game and serving the member are fruits of his kind hearted nature and infectious personality. When the opportunity is presented to make a difference, Craig is always willing to raise his hand and offer assistance. That is what great teachers do, challenge us, they encourage us to dig a little deeper and strive for another level of excellence that we didn’t even know existed.

I feel very blessed to have played golf in the following corners of the globe:

  • Over 100 towns and cities in Australia
  • Over 200 towns and cities in the USA & Puerto Rico
  • England, Scotland, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Mexico,
  • Over 20 towns and cities in Canada

I have also competed on the following international tours and championships:

  • PGA Tour of America
  • PGA Tour of Europe
  • PGA Tour of Australasia
  • Tour / Formerly Nationwide Tour
  • PGA Tour Canada
  • PGA Tour LatinoAmerica
  • PGA Professional National Championships x 4
  • PGA Professional National Assistants Championship
  • Southwest Section PGA Player of the year 2013

I also competed in college while on a full-ride scholarship to Jackson State University:

  • Number 1 Stroke Average for NCAA DIV 1 golf my freshman year
  • Graduated top of my department with a 3.8 GPA
  • Played all 4 years all over the country and received many collegiate awards.

Here are a few of my professional victories.

  • 2016 - PGA of Canada Club Professional Championship - Port Royal Golf Club, Bermuda
  • 2016 - PGA Southwest Section Championship - Southern Dunes Golf Course, Maricopa, Arizona
  • 2013 - Arizona Open Championship - Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club, Superstition Mountain, Arizona
  • 2013 - PGA Southwest Section Match-Play Championship, Vistal Golf Club, Phoenix, Arizona
  • 2011 - PGA Club Professional Championship - Southwest PGA - Flagstaff Ranch Gof Club, Flagstaff, Arizona

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When tour players ask me for advise I consider my response very seriously. You see there is a big difference between the recreational golfer and the professional golfer. My goal is to make the biggest and best impact on each of my players lives both on and off the golf course. You will also not see a list of my players on this site and each of my players do not know the other. Why? There are many reasons but the most important one is this, each player is there own person with their own journey. Privacy keeps my focus on you the player! What I have learned from my players and their unique circumstances is that there is not one system, approach or trigger that will work for everyone. My goal is to help each player learn their own "secret system"!

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