Coach Craig Hocknull

Coach Craig Hocknull



Tour Experience & Playing Awards:

  • Director of Instruction - Glenwild Golf & Spa and The Silverleaf Club
  • 2010 - 2013 - Tour, Nationwide Tour, PGA Tour Latino America, PGA Tour Canada
  • 2013 - Player of the year Southwest Section PGA
  • 2013 - Arizona Open Champion
  • 2008 - 2013 - PGA professional national championship participant


Teaching Experience & Awards:

  • 2014 - Teacher of the Year - Southwest Section PGA
  • 2014 - Player Development Professional of the Year - Southwest Section PGA
    • 2014 - Advanced Certified in Teaching and Coaching PGA of America
  • 2014 - Advanced Certified in Player Development PGA of America (only one in AZ)
  • 2013 - Junior Leader Award for best in state junior golf program - Southwest Section PGA
  • 1997 - Present - Teaching & Coaching players from beginner to PGA Tour Player


My Take - 

Golf is a skill based sport. This is evidenced by lower scores as a direct correlation to your attainment of greater skill. It can be that a higher level of skill within just one specific area of a players game that can attribute to better scoring.

Golf also has many varied skills such as Driving, Fairway wood play, Chipping, Putting or say recovery shots. The holistic coaching method that I developed is called the “Pure Vision Golf” Training Method. I have analyzed all of the key areas of the game and have determined that there are over 400 separate shots that are available for mastery. The fact is that the average golfer might have a few areas that are approaching high levels of skill but more than likely never master any.


As a tour professional with past status on the Nationwide Tour, Tour, PGA Tour Canada and PGA Tour Latino America I understand what you are dealing with. I can empathize with your journey and get inside your head!

As a coach and mentor I have been able to simplify the entire game down to what is truly important and what is just fluff. My key word is EFFICIENCY! If you are wasting time, money, resources and energy you are not being efficient.

As a coach I look at the approach to becoming the best golfer athlete you can be from 5 key angles.


  • What is your emotional condition?
  • Are you equipped for this journey or are you carrying around baggage that will only slow you down?


  • What is your GOLF IQ?
  • Can your manage your business? Can you create a strategy to improve your score? Can you map out a course? Read Greens? Read wind speed as it relates to humidity and how the combination determines proper club and shot selection?


  • How is your body doing?
  • Are you limiting your future because your body can’t handle the practice, travel, diet and stresses of professional golf?


  • Is your swing repeatable, efficient and FREE! How many swing thoughts do you have?
  • How is your stroke? How is your short game? How is your driving? and How are your swing mechanics? In that order of priority!


  • Are your clubs causing to make manipulations because they don’t match your swing? Do your clubs match your new and improved future swing or are they the same clubs that worked for your old move?
  • Does your driver fit? How about your putter? Do you have the best rain gear? Can you pack for an event properly?

The modern professional player has a team because of the pace in which you must adapt. With unlimited resources it’s common to see a team like this around the player; Manager, Coach, Health & Fitness expert and Caddy not to mention parents and family members etc. If you don’t have a team, don’t worry I will help you prioritize your energy and resources.

As one of my players you will address each of the 5 key areas as well as learn when to wear the Manager hat for example, how do you conduct your business? or when you wear the Caddy hat, how do you map out the course to suit your skills the best?

We all like to enjoy the sports we play and we enjoy them more when we can problem solve and see improvement. It is my goal to train you how to teach yourself! I have gotten great satisfaction within my own game simply knowing that if I hit a poor shot I know what to do immediately to fix it. Another source of joy comes from finding a new skill to develop and master......”we don’t know what we don”t know!” “Your face lights up when the lightbulb goes off!” or when you realize “Oh!....THAT’S how you do it!”

I have spent 20 years competing at the highest respective levels in high school, college and professional ranks and I have frankly wasted a lot of time focusing on things that are just not that important. My gift of teaching has allowed me both learn the lessons for myself and record them in such a way that you too can learn exactly what is important without wasting time.

My players understand their true worth as a person, their mission in life and their vision as a professional athlete. If you would like to meet with me and discuss how we can enhance your future together it’s simple. email me at

We all can appreciate that repetition produces the ability to repeat what you have been working on. This level of effort works both directions, if you work on the correct thing you will improve, if you work on the incorrect thing you will get worse.

"Practice makes the possible probable" - Craig Hocknull



  • Choose a technique, method or style that is infinitely refinable.
  • Stop compensating for; your body, your equipment and your mind.
  • Stop manipulating; your body, your equipment and your mind.

THE GOLF SPIN METHOD: (Full Swing Efficiency)

  • Understand the most efficient way to move your body (Build the spin)
  • Understand how your clubs affect your results (Add the club to the spin)
  • Create repetition through simplicity (Get better at spinning)
  • Gain confidence through simple motion and outstanding results (Own the spin)
  • Enjoy getting better every year! (Just keep spinning)


  • Freedom of athletic motion
  • Freedom from mental anguish
  • Ability to focus on playing the game instead of worrying about the swing


  • Putting technique and green mapping
  • Short-game creativity
  • Recovery shot intelligence and much much more!



    • 2017 PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix Open - TPC Scottsdale
    • 2016 PGA of Canada National Club Professional Champion - Port Royal, Bermuda
    • 2016 Southwest Section PGA Champion - Southern Dunes, AZ
    • 2015 PGA National Award Finalist - Player Development
  • Southwest Section PGA Teacher of the Year - 2014
  • Southwest Section PGA Player Development Professional of the Year - 2014
  • Advanced certified in Teaching and Coaching - PGA of America
  • Advanced Certified in Player Development - PGA of America
  • Advanced Certified in Teaching - PGA of Australia
  • SWSPGA Board member. Co-Chair Player Development. - 2014
  • Coaching players on several major and minor tours
  • Arizona Open Champion - 2013
  • Southwest Section PGA player of the year - 2013
  • SWSPGA Junior Leader of the year - 2013
  • Tour Member - 2012 & 2013
  • PGA Tour Canada Member -  2011, 2012, 2013
  • PGA Tour LatinoAmerica Member - 2013
  • SWSPGA PNC Champion - 2011, 2nd 2012, 4th 2013
  • 3 X PGA Professional National Championship
  • PGA of America Class A
  • PGA of Australia Class AAA
  • PGA of Canada full member
  • 20 + Years teaching 30 + Years playing


  • BC - (Before College) - Began taking golf seriously at 7 years old.
  • 15 handicap at 12 years old.
  • 5 handicap at 15 years old (for 3 years I played Aussie Rules Football, Soccer and Cricket).
  • 17 years old 2 handicap,
  • 18 years old +2 handicap
  • 1993 - Accepted a full ride scholarship to Jackson State University
  • 1997 - Graduated as a Scholar Athlete top of my department: B.S. Health, PE and Rec Degree (3.87 gpa)
  • 1997 - Married my Beautiful wife Laura
  • 1997 - Turned pro and played a few mini tour events and injured my wrist
  • 1998 - Worked as an activity director at an adult day care facility
  • 1998 - Decided that if I couldn’t play for a living that I would become a club pro
  • 1998 - Passed my PAT and began the PGA of America apprenticeship program
  • 1999 - Established my self as a well respected teacher and player based at the Yuma Country Club, AZ
  • 2000 - Opened the Pure Vision Golf Academy at the Yuma Golf and Country Club
  • 2000 - Welcomed my first son JC to the world
  • 2001 - Obtained my Class A status through the PGA of America
  • 2002 - Director of Instruction for the Nike Learning Center at Kokopelli GC, Gilbert AZ
  • 2002 - Began performing “The Outback Golf Show” world class golf trick shot entertainer
  • 2003 - Welcomed my second son Hugh into the world
  • 2004 - Faculty member for the Golf Academy of America, Chandler AZ
  • 2005 - Assistant Professional - Superstition Mountain Golf & CC, AZ
  • 2006 - Welcomed my 3rd soon Gregor into the world
  • 2006 - Head Teaching Professional Superstition Mountain Golf & CC, AZ
  • 2007 - Head Teaching Professional The Club @ Black Rock, Coeur d Alene, ID
  • 2008 - Played National Club Professional Championship Reynolds Plantation, GA - Made Cut
  • 2008 - Played 1st stage of PGA Tour Q School, Dayton Valley, NV
  • 2009 - Played PGA Professional National Assistants Championship, Port St. Lucie, FL - Made Cut
  • 2009 - Played 1st stage of PGA Tour Q School, Pinewild CC, Southern Pines, GA
  • 2010 - Played Gateway Tour, Hooters Tour, eGolf Tour, All American Tour and Club Pro Events
  • 2010 - Played 1st Stage of PGA Tour Q School, Turtle Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
  • 2011 - Qualified for PGA Tour Canada, played the season
  • 2011 - Won the Southwest Section PGA Club Professional Championship
  • 2011 - Qualified for the National Club Professional Championship
  • 2011 - Qualified for the Nationwide Tour through Q School - PGA West, Palm Desert, CA
  • 2012 - 6 events on Nationwide Tour - 3 on my number, 2 Monday qualifiers, 1 sponsors exemption
  • 2012 - 2 events on PGA Tour Canada, retained conditional tour card for 2013
  • 2012 - 2nd Place Southwest Section PGA Club professional Championship - Qualified for National
  • 2012 - Broke hook of hamate bone, dislocated ECU tendon and in a cast till February 2013
  • 2013 - Played HSBC Brazil Open on Tour through medical extension
  • 2013 - Played National PGA Professional Championship, Sunriver, OR - Made Cut
  • 2013 - Played 5 events on PGA Tour Canada
  • 2013 - Won the Arizona Open, Superstition Mountain Golf & CC, 3 rounds 16 under par
  • 2013 - Won the Southwest Section PGA Matchplay Championship, Vistal Golf Club
  • 2013 - 11th Place PGA Tour Latinoamerica Puerto Rico Classic
  • 2013 - Southwest Section PGA Player of the Year
  • 2014 - Hook of Hamate excision surgery - Looking forward to 2015!
  • 2015 - 2nd Place Southwest Section PGA Championship
  • 2015 - 3rd Place PGA Professional National Championship of Canada

Lesson Rates

  • 4 hours: $1000