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New to Golf

New to Golf


The game of golf is an amazing sport! If you make it your own you will enjoy it more, learn it faster and save time and money along the way. Here are a few frequently asked questions and Learn Play Laugh answers that will help you sort out your thoughts about golf.

Learn Play Laugh is the management company for a great family friendly course in Mesa Arizona called.

Freedom Golf Course located at 1415 S. Westwood Mesa, AZ 85210

(480) 969-0377

Near the 101 and the 60

North east corner of Hwy 60 and Alama School 


Family Course Yardages

Carry Distance Tells You What Length Hole To Play

The U.S. Kids Golf Family Course model is based on average carry distance because the course needs to fit the distance players can hit the golf ball, especially for young or beginning golfers. Using driver carry distances of 100 and 140 yards for Level 1 and Level 2 tees, respectively, U.S. Kids Golf developed a chart that outlines the average distance a shot will carry for each club.

Coaches can learn more about this philosophy by attending a Certified Coaches Seminar, and parents seeking expert instruction can Find a Coach on the U.S. Kids Golf website.

Model Golf Hole - Par 4

This model hole reflects the use of a driver and a 7-iron from two teeing grounds. The blue line is a player that has a driver carry distance of 100 yards, and the white line is for a player with a driver carry distance of 220 yards. By playing from the appropriate tees, both players can enjoy the game and play the hole in a similar manner.

The chart shows an approximate nine-hole course that has 2 par 3s, 5 par 4s and 2 par 5s with the Level 1 tees being just over 1,500 yards and the Level 2 tees being over 2,000 yards (click to enlarge). The scoring requirements in the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program are based on playing nine holes from at least 1,500 yards, which is roughly the yardage of Level 1 Tees on a Family Course.


There isn't a silly question. The entire golf culture can be overwhelming when you bite off more than you can chew! Golf is no different than any other new adventure, so getting expert advice before you start is the best thing you can do. So congrats on that!

Do I need my own clubs?: Learn Play Laugh expert coaches will always provide you with FREE rental equipment. Eventually you will want to get your own equipment. Everyone is a different size and shape, so we will help you get custom clubs at some point.

What do I wear?: Conservative, comfortable and practical. Sports clothes and tennis shoes are a good place to start, as you will be active and moving. Courses and driving ranges have different dress codes, so just ask us first. No worries! info@learnplaylaugh.com

We are so new and I feel stupid. How do I feel more comfortable starting?: Well, that's where we come in. We have a new comers orientation that explains all of the details of what we offer at Learn Play Laugh. We cover dress codes, rates and learning strategies. If you've wondered... "I think I want to play golf?" or "My kids want to play golf," and then wondered, "How do I start?" then we've got you covered.

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Our Programs

FUNdamentally Great Golf!

FUNdamentals are are the foundation!

Learn, Play, Laugh is your ultimate resource for golf coaching, league play and golf entertainment. Our experts in the game of golf have created the best environment for you to succeed and to have fun doing so. By meeting you where you are, we are creating a win-win atmosphere. Questions? Ask info@learnplaylaugh.com 

Getting your kids into golf!

How do I get my kids into golf?

The Kids Golf League is the best place for your kids to Learn, Play and Laugh with the game of golf. The Kids Golf League conducts classes, tournaments, team leagues and special events that are fantastic for your children. Kids ages 3 - 18 are welcome!

Individual Coaching Plan

How do I get better at golf?

Having an expert coach create an Individual Coaching Plan (ICP) that is guaranteed to help you improve. When you and your coach are committed to pursuing a clear plan you have the best chance of improving. We guarantee that we will do everything we can to help you achieve each objective on your ICP. If we fail we will return all fees associated with unproductive time that is our fault.

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