An entertaining program of trick-shots, music, stories and humor with an Australian theme!

Outback Golf Show

Bloody awesome mate!

Aussie! aussie! aussie! oy! oy! oy!

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"You do know your one of the best ball strikers in the world! right?" - PSP Owner 

Craig Hocknull can simply do more with a golf ball than any other player, coach or golf trick shot artist anywhere in the world! Shot for shot, ability, precision and power combined Hocknull's skills are un-matched. 

"When I was a kid I grew up in Darwin, a small city in the Northern Territory of Australia. I enjoyed many adventures into the outback of Australia from Adelaide to Darwin and Brisbane. The fact is, I've spent my life trying make the golf ball dance! As a little tacka growing up in Australia I enjoyed playing all of the sports such as Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis and of course golf. My athletic ability saw me represent my school or state in sports such the 100 meter sprint as well as the individual medaly in swimming.

I remember the first time I picked up a golf ball, tossed it in the air and smashed it down the fairway with my driver, I was hooked! I also remember my first show! My audience was in such awe that they were relitively silent. It was at that time that I realized "ball-whacking" is not a show.

From that point on I began to build an entertaining show full of unbelieveable trick shots accompanied with hilarious aussie jokes and stories.

"Craig has absolutely unbelieveable hand eye coordination,
I love watching his trick shot show at GOLF FEST"
-- Shelly Hall, Golf Fest

Perfect Golf Entertainment For:

  • Corporate Outings
  • Destination Management Events
  • Grand Opening Events
  • Member Guest Parties
  • Junior Golf Clinics
  • PGA Tour and Tour Event

As a PGA member Craig Hocknull can not only perform a great show he knows how to run them from start to finish. As an event planner Craig can help you to make the biggest impact on your event and he can probably save you time and money along the way!

"We hired Craig to perform his Outback Golf Show for a very large corporate event at the Orlando Ritz Cartlon and I was amazed as he entertained and enguaged over 300 spectators. He has a gift as an athlete and as an entertainer, our clients are still talking about it 3 years later!"
-- David, Eventures Destination Management Company

Event Booking Process:

Step 1: Email us with your event details, date, location, time
Step 2: Craig will email you back directly to talk more about the event.
Step 3: Agree on a rate and submit a 50% deposit to reserve your event date.
Step 4: Witness and amazing golf trick shot show and experience Craig's professionalism.
Step 5: Pay your remaining entertainment fee.

"As an entertainer in the golf world it is very important to be able to customize a great show for each event. I take the time to get to know the event because it is my job to draw more attention to the vision of the event. If your raising money, then I need to highlight your charity! If its all for fun, I need to know who the key audience members are so I can involve them in the show! If you are entertaining, motivating and educating kids as part of a free clinic I need to know who the instructors are so I tailor my show for the biggest impact!. Golf is a great game so I enjoy entertaining people of all ages and abilities. I am always able to pass on some great tips and a little motivational speach to help!"
-- Craig Hocknull, PGA

Kids, Members and Executives. Love The Outback Golf Show!

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Local Events

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PGA Tour Junior Clinics

Eelementary and middle school students love Craig's show!

Don't forget Aussie the Koala mascot! The kids love the tricks, jokes, Aussie antics, fake snakes, toy wombats and much more. Hocknull's stories of growing up as a "little tacka" in the Outback entertain audience members of all ages. 

Private Club Events

Members and guests are astounded by the precision!

The most knowledgable of members will love the Outback Golf Show. Many believe they have seen it all, but Craig's ability to strike a ball is second to none! "I have seen every other trick shot artist and I was shocked at Craig's power and precision. He has the best show I have ever seen!" - Bill Stone

Corporate Events

From 20 to 500 guests Craig's show engages everyone!

"I have performed my show backwards down hole 18, from wedding lawns at resorts and from lake fronts into the water. Just like the tricks in my show I'm pretty much game to try anything!. I've performed day and night and have included celebrities and VIP's on special request from the hosts. Your show will also be customized to include product placement or sales pitches from sponsors or key customers!" - Craig Hocknull

Charity Golf Events

This show will make a lasting impression on all your guests!

As a large group entertainer Craig is amazing, as a private party entertainer Craig is the best, hands down! The best part about entertaining guests at a charity event is including the beneficiary of the funds in my show. "One of my favorite shows is for special olympics. The athletes love hitting shots during the show and their caregivers are overjoyed as they snap pictures from the crowd.!" - Craig

Private Outings

If is a show, great! If its a seminar, great! EDUtainment or Entertainment you pick!

As a touring professional, and expert coach of over 20 years Craig Hocknull is perfectly qualified to both entertain and educate guests of all ages and skill levels. Crowd interaction is a big part of the show and special guests are often volunteered to participate to enhance their experience.

Photo Gallery

Outback Golf Show golf trick shots in action!