Golfer Development Explained
Golfer Development Explained

Golfer Development Explained


Development Program Explained

All of our programs are professionally designed to meet our students were they are and move them toward achieving their goals in the game of golf. Small children don't learn and enjoy the game of golf in the same way that pre-teens, professional golfers or adult learners do. We have designed a program for each age and ability level based on the following factors:

  • International Research on Early Childhood Development
  • Research From International Leaders in High Performance Coaching
  • Educational Training From International Professional Golfers Associations

Our Leadership

Craig Hocknull takes his role in developing golfers very seriously! As possibly the only Tripple PGA Member in the world Craig has many other extremely unique skills and his passion for helping you to Learn, Play and Laugh with golf. "I have left no stone unturned when it comes to bringing you the best possible learning experience. Enjoy!" - Craig

Tiny Golfers - Click For Classes and Camps

Kids aged 2 - 8

Fun, 45 minute group classes, Parent Assisted

This program is designed to give Tiny Golfers ages 2 - 8 the best and safest environment for exploration and adventure learning. We offer the following levels: Intro, Level 1

Kids Golf League - Click For Classes and Camps

Kids aged 6 - 13 (Introductory levels)

Group classes, Private coaching, Organized Team Play

As kids develop both physically and emotionally they need different things at different times. We have several developmental levels that are designed to challenge kids at the right time. We believe in playing the game as well as developing skills at the right time in the right environment. We offer the following levels: Intro, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

Outback Junior Academy & Team

Kids aged 10 - 16 (Intermediate and advanced players)

Las Colinas Golf Club - Tuesday & Thursday. Legacy Golf Club, Saturday.

The Outback Junior Academy and Team is designed to coach juniors in a team environment. As an elite golf team member in his youth, Coach Hocknull has experienced the best of the best in coaching and player development. This weekly and seasonal program is designed to complement high-school tournaments and serve as a stepping stone to college golf.

Outback Junior - High Performance Team

Junior golfers aged 13 - 18 (Advanced players, college and professional prep)

One of the driving influences for this highly compeditive team is the desire to excel at the professional level. The players who are invited to participate in this program receive one on one coaching and mentorship from Craig Hocknull. To have such a passionate and qualified coach in your corner is a blessing beyond birdies. If you are interested in receiving coaching from Craig email:



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