Kids Level 4 Golf Class

Kids Level 4 Golf Class

Las Colinas Golf Course, Queen Creek, AZ


Kids Level 4 Golf Class - AGES 9-14

Kids make it into Level 4 either through graduation from level 3 or by testing into that level through an evaluation lesson.

Entry Standards for level 4:

  • In maturity students are able to carry themselves as young ladies and gentleman. They can keep score and they understand basic rules and etiquette of golf. Students will understand how to play a variety of formats.
  • In equipment student can name all of the parts of the club and describe what each element is responsible for in golf.
  • In full swing students can demonstrate the level 3 routine quickly and easily.
  • In putting students can demonstrate how to read a green, mark their ball, aim their ball and will 2 putt most of the time.
  • In chipping students can demonstrate consistant performance using a sandwedge, 9 iron and 7 iron.
  • In pitching students can demonstrate wise shot sellection and ability to loft shots over bunkers to targets.
  • In iron play students can demonstrate solid golf shots with a variety of irons and know how far they hit each club.
  • In driving students can demonstrate the driver set up and routine and strike solid drives with regularity.


45 min Class Times:

Students must bring their own clubs and be able to either carry or wheel them around the course without assistance of their parents.


The goal of level 4 is to determine of golf will become the students number one sport. Level 4 graduates are encouraged to join the Outback Junior Academy if they have a desire to play golf in highschool and beyond.



Las Colinas Golf Course

22 May
26 May
  • Time: 4:00pm
  • Location: Las Colinas Golf Course Queen Creek, Arizona
  • Registration Fee: $150