Golf Lessons Mesa Arizona

Mesa Arizona Golf Lessons

Freedom Golf Course

The Freedom Golf Course is a family firendly short course located near the 101 and the 60 in Mesa, Arizona. The Freedom is mostly shaded and is a great retreat from the heat of the summer. We offer classes and camps year round and the golf course is fun place to learn the great game of golf.

Golf School Philosophy

You will Learn, Play and Laugh with your fellow golfers and expert coaches. These relaxed but extremely time efficient golf schools will make a tremendous impact on your golf game.

Our philosophy is based on efficiency, balance and creativity. 


  • Coaching, practice and playing time is managed efficiently!
  • You will Learn how to move your body efficiently for improved power and accuracy!


  • Our menu options allow you balance your days with personally sellected options.
  • Efficiency of athletic motion is rooted in good balance, which you will develop in our schools!


  • Your coach will creatively solve all of your aliments in a fun and efficient manner.
  • Your skills will enhance and so will your mind. Creativity is a bi-product of balance and efficiency.


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