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Craig Hocknull, PGA coach and Tour Player


Talent in this sport and business only gets you so far!

Pursuit of a career on a reputable professional tour where the opportunity to compete for prize money that is sufficient enough to support a family takes a business plan and funding over a 3 to 5 year period of time.

You are here because you believe in me, you see my vision and are interested in joining my team as a monthly supporter. 

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I am not a charity so you will not be able to deduct these amounts, I am a golf professional so you are supporting me through a monthly subscription which I will receive as income and have to pay taxes on. I will have expenses, lots of them and those will reduce my net earnings however the goal is to compete well and pay lots of taxes. This is not a hobby for me.

If you are interested in advertising your business with logo placement please email me directly as a corporate sponsorship is a different arrangement. hocknull@mac.com

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Craig Hocknull, PGA 


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