Outback Junior Golf Academy and Classes

The Outback Junior Academy is the perfect golf team environment for the more dedicated junior golfer. If your junior loves the game and wants to compete at the high school and college level and has the dream of playing professionally then this junior golf academy is for you. Suitable for ages 12 - 17 and possibly younger juniors based on skill and maturity.

Juniors are able to attend on average 9 hours of coaching and supervised practice per week daylight permitting. That's approximately 36 hours per month with a large amount of that time spent on the golf course.

The home base for the Outback Junior Golf Academy is the Freedom Golf Course in Mesa, Arizona. It's the perfect location for juniors to develop their games and learn how to score. There are a ton of great swingers of the club out there but the art of going low is being lost.

This award winning program is directed by Craig Hocknull and is managed by his team of PGA and LPGA professionals who understand what it takes to truly excel in the game of golf.

EMAIL: craig@learnplaylaugh for questions, evaluations and enrollment paperwork


TUESDAY RANGE DAY: SCIENCE DAY - This is a grind day with a ton of ball striking. Students use Titleist ProV1 Range Balls

3:00pm - 5:30pm - Skills Testing, Hands on swing coaching, Club Fitting, Launch Monitor Use, Video Use, Bio-Feedback Technology use. Understanding how to fix your own swing is the goal of this day. Every golfer who has ever "made-it" knows their swing better than anyone else. They understand their faults and how to fix them.

THURSDAY COURSE DAY: ART DAY - This is the creative scoring and course management day. 

3:00pm - 5:30pm - Short-game practice, ball flight testing on course, imagination building, birdie board competition. On this day your junior golfer will be focused on making hole-in-ones, birdies and eagles. The game go golf needs to be fun and it needs to test every aspect of your heart, mind and body.

SATURDAY TOURNAMENT DAY: MENTAL TOUGHNESS DAY - This is the day where all of the work either comes together and you win or you struggle and lose. You won't get points for participation on this day but what you'll get is a clear picture of where you stand and how string your game is.


Pre-enrollment and parent / junior meetings along with program enrollment fees are due prior each season commencing.

Email craig@learnplaylaugh.com to schedule your initial evaluation.


SPRING SEMESTER: Approximately 150 Hours of coaching, supervised practice and tournament play = $900 per Spring semester.

FALL SEMESTER: Approximately 75 hours of coaching, supervised practice and tournament play = $450 per Fall semester.

Additional fees may apply for field trips and tournaments.

2018 Calendar 

JANUARY - Spring Season Begins

FEBRUARY - Phoenix Open Field Trip.

MARCH - LPGA Tour Field Trip. Symetra Tour Field Trip. Spring Break Camp.

APRIL - Masters Weekend Family Tournament.

MAY - End of Spring Season Tournament

JUNE - SEPTEMBER - Summer Break Tournament Season Begins. Private Lessons Available.

OCTOBER - Fall Season Begins. Fall Break Camp.

NOVEMBER - Turkey Ball Tournament

DECEMBER - End of Fall Tournament