Outback Junior Golf Academy Lessons

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Playing golf on the PGA Tour starts with a dream and is fueled by desire, determination, dedication and discipline. Having achieved my dream of playing on tour I believe that this goal is obtainable by those who are focused on achieving their dreams. Our academy is not a guarantee but it is an environment where amazing things happen on a daily basis.

Our coaches create the culture and the course sets the stage for unbelievable player development. If you are looking to play high school golf or you are determined to play college and professional golf you will love what we have to offer.

Junior Academy Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited play and practice on the Freedom Golf Course.
  • Unlimited driving range practice. 
  • Twice weekly private coaching sessions.
  • Twice weekly team practice and skills testing sessions.
  • Access to club fitting technology / launch monitors etc.
  • Access to discounted equipment pricing when applicable.

Junior Coaching Philosophy:

We take a holistic approach and coach our juniors in 5 key areas of development.

  1. Confidence Training - Emotional & Psychological
  2. Intelligence Coaching - Mental Golf IQ 
  3. Physical Fitness - Strength, Speed, Timing and Technique
  4. Technical Skill Development - Coordination Training
  5. Equipment Fitting - Total Game Refinement

Junior Academy Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Open practice day, unlimited range balls and course play.

Tuesday: Grind Day / Science Day, unlimited range balls and course play.

Wednesday: Skills testing day, unlimited range balls and course play.

Thursday: On Course / Art Day, unlimited range balls and course play.

Friday: Open practice day, unlimited range balls and course play.

Saturday: Tournament Day, last player standing and capture the flag.

Sunday: Off / Open practice day, unlimited range balls and course play.


"As a top level player and coach I believe that when given the right opportunity to learn and grow each junior golfer athlete has the potential of achieving their greatest dreams. I didn't come from golf pedigree and I was not a child phenom but I had some great coaches that helped me pursue my dreams. Our commitment to you as an Outback Junior Golf Academy Member is to walk along side of you and help you to focus when you are struggling, cheer for you when you succeed and to lift you up when you fail." Craig Hocknull, PGA


March 3rd to May 26th - $999.99 for 12 weeks


June 2nd to August 25th - $999.99 for 12 weeks 


September 8th to November 24th - $999.99 for 12 weeks


December 1st - January 11th - $999.99 for 12 weeks


January 12th - February 23rd - $499.99 for 6 weeks