Golf Lessons With Craig Hocknull, PGA - Highly Awarded Teacher & Tour Player

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  • Full Swing Coaching
  • Putting Coaching
  • Short Game Coaching
  • Tournament Mental Game Coaching
  • Equipment Optimization


Often all a student needs is one lesson with Craig Hocknull. The correct diagnosis is key and without a doubt you will not only receive a correct and clear diagnosis and you will receive clear direction on how to remedy your flaw and get on the pathway to total game improvement within minutes and hours not weeks and months.

”My ability to accurately diagnose you is key. I don’t want to see you week after week, I want you to be fixed and enjoying the benefits of improved play. My goal is to asses you from three angles, MIND, BODY and EQUIPMENT.

This is done with a pre-lesson interview, video capture, explanation of the diagnosis, demonstration of the solution all of which is captured on video and uploaded to cloud storage for you to review at any time. Most of the time if a player gets stuck it's because they don’t know what they don’t know.

I don't sell packages because I will fix all of your issues faster than any package time frame. I charge more than most instructors because you achieve your goals faster with me, efficiency is key and when I diagnose and treat I expect a cure, which means your on your way to better golf and I’m on my way to helping the next golfer get on the right track.” - Craig Hocknull 

Craig’s students also receive an amazing discount on all of his training products which can be viewed at

A typical lesson is two hours and costs $200 per hour for golfers 15 and over. Juniors 14 and under receive a 50% discount.

Craig will also coach you online so simply email that request to him for discussion on how to best schedule and execute the coaching sessions with the technology that we have available to us.



Owner - Inventor - Saber Sports Trainer, LLC

Director of Instruction - Glenwild Golf Club, Utah

Director of Instruction - Saber Golf


2019 - PGA Championship - Bethpage GC - Long Island, NY

2019 - T17 PGA Professional Championship - Belfair CC - Blufton, SC

2018 - PGA Championship - Bellerive CC - St. Louis, MO

2018 - T12 PGA Professional Championship - Bayonet - Seaside, CA

2018 - Southwest PGA Section Matchplay Champion

2017 - Southwest PGA Section Professional Champion

2017 - PGA Tour WM Phoenix Open

2016 - PGA of Canada Club Pro National Champion

2016 - Southwest PGA Section Champion

2014 - Southwest PGA Teacher of the Year

2014 - Southwest PGA Player Development Award Winner

2013 - Southwest PGA Junior Player Development Award Winner

2013 - Southwest PGA Player of The Year